Why Join NGAUS and NGAAZ
Increased reliance on the National Guard in response to crises around the world and the continuing requirements to respond to State emergencies are evidence of the need for a strong National Guard force. This is more obvious today than anytime in our recent history. To recruit, retain, and train our soldiers and airmen, we need the proper resources. This requires equipment, facilities, and personnel benefits to adequately take care of our young men and women and their families. One of the most important and effective ways to ensure we obtain those resources is through our National Guard Associations. Few of us realize how strong an impact our professional associations have in lobbying our legislators in Washington, D.C. and in our own State Legislature. 

NGAUS draws much of its political and financial strength from the state associations. To insure the National Guard has the same resources and protections, as the active forces, all states must collectively pull together and support NGAUS.

Membership in NGAUS is the foundation of our association. Membership is the fiber that gives us strength and legislative clout. This is very important because we are working on several very important national and state level bills that will benefit all members of the Arizona National Guard. As officers, it's our responsibility to insure all soldiers and their families in the Arizona National Guard receive the best possible equipment, training, facilities, and benefits. Our troops deserve no less. We must lead by example and encourage others to get involved as well.
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